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Jared Klaus is a partner in the firm’s Litigation Department, focusing on complex commercial litigation. His experience includes all facets of complex litigation – from discovery to motion practice, as well as trials, arbitrations and appeals.

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“Made in USA” class actions target condiments and energy drinks

The Times Square ball was not the only thing that dropped on New Year’s Eve for condiment maker H.J. Heinz and energy-drink maker Rockstar Inc. Both were hit with consumer class actions last Thursday in California Federal Court, alleging that their products are falsely labeled “Made in the USA” in violation of California’s ultra-strict “Made … Continue Reading

Nordstrom and jeans designer settle “Made in USA” class action lawsuit

As we reported in December 2014, a wave of class action lawsuits has been pounding some of the nation’s largest retailers thanks to an until-recently obscure California statute that declares it a deceptive practice for a product to be labeled “Made in USA” if even the smallest component of the product is manufactured abroad. One … Continue Reading

LegalZoom Kicks Off Antitrust Battle Against State Bar Associations

State bar associations and other licensing boards were left like bleeding seals in shark-infested waters following the United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision this February in North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission, 135 S. Ct. 1101.  The decision held that a state agency controlled by active participants in the market … Continue Reading

Antitrust Probe of Movie Theater Chains Enters Next Act

The U.S. Department of Justice has turned its spotlight on AMC Entertainment, Inc. in the government’s antitrust probe of the nation’s movie theater industry.  In an 8-K filed Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, AMC announced that it has received a civil subpoena from the DOJ seeking information and documents relating to AMC’s involvement … Continue Reading

“Made in the USA” labeling: A trap for the unwary – Part two

How can retailers and product designers minimize their liability exposure to “Made in the USA” false-labeling claims without sacrificing the valuable label itself? In part two of the “Made in the USA” podcast series, Jay Levine, Jared Klaus and Bob Tannous discuss how mitigating risk from such claims requires a holistic approach, including such strategies … Continue Reading

“Made in the USA” labeling: A trap for the unwary – Part one

A slew of recent class actions brought in California are claiming that retailers and product designers acted deceptively by marketing their products as “Made in the USA.” But, as discussed in this podcast, the issue is far from black and white. For instance, can a pair of jeans assembled in the USA from domestically produced … Continue Reading

A compliance problem truly “Made in the USA”

Following the expiration of a public comment period last week, the ink is now dry on the Federal Trade Commission’s consent decree against Made in USA Brand, LLC, settling charges that the Columbus, Ohio-based company sold its “Made in USA” certification label to product-sellers without making any attempt to verify whether the companies’ products were … Continue Reading

Can being ‘ethical’ land you in hot water with the Federal Trade Commission?

If it’s written in your organization’s “code of ethics,” it’s ok, right? In a recent post I shared on the DRI blog, two FTC settlements hinged on a review of organizational codes of ethics to determine that very question. The FTC brought administrative actions against two national associations – the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and … Continue Reading