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Porter Wright presents Food & Agriculture Quarterly

Welcome to our inaugural issue of Food & Agricultural Quarterly (FAQ). This new, industry-focused publication was designed to focus on the key issues food and agriculture industry stakeholders are facing – regardless of whether you are a small, family-owned farming operation or international food producer.

In our first issue, we bring together three rather diverse articles. First, Emily Taylor describes the phenomenon of urban farming, and the challenges facing such would-be agrarians. Next, Devan Flahive provides us with an update on the USDA food labeling program as it relates to genetically-engineered products. Finally, I’ll walk you through the latest on …

New FDA food safety rule spans stakeholders from farm to fork

My colleagues Brian Augustine and Phil Calabrese recently authored an informative piece on a new FDA rule which impacts stakeholders in the food, transportation and hospitality industries. As many in the agribusiness will find this of interest, I wanted to take a moment to share the article with you.

From “FDA New Food Safety Rule Spans Stakeholders From Farm to Fork:”

“The rule imposes a broad array of new regulatory requirements that apply to shippers, receivers, loaders, and carriers by motor vehicle and rail engaged in the transportation of food, whether or not the food is offered for

Class action suits challenge Capper-Volstead

The Capper-Volstead Act is a powerful 1922 law that allows farmers and their cooperatives to act together for “collectively processing, preparing for market, handling, and marketing in interstate and foreign commerce.” Marketing as it is referred to here, includes price-setting and other conduct that would otherwise violate antitrust laws if not for Capper-Volstead.

In my  article, “Protecting  cooperatives from antitrust  liability,” published by the USDA in its January/February 2015 issue of Rural Cooperatives, I outline why owners of farm cooperatives should be aware of recent lawsuits challenging the Capper-Volstead Act status of some potato, mushroom, egg and …