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ABA Section of Antitrust Law Spring Meeting 2016: The FTC and the new frontier of privacy

Continuing our series on the 2016 Spring Meeting, Ryan Graham, an associate in the Antitrust Group and former analyst with the FBI’s Cyber Division, summarizes the panelists’ thoughts on the FTC’s future focus as it relates to privacy and data security.

Privacy and data security lawyers would love to know what initiatives the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be spearheading in privacy and data security in the future. A recent panel discussion at the Spring Antitrust Meeting sponsored by the American Bar Association provided some predictive insight into this question. In the panel discussion entitled “The FTC and the New …

Big data and what can be done with it: Part three

In our last installment of the big data podcast series (listen to part one and part two), Jay and Phil discuss how companies deal with data breaches. They talk about how consumer trust is vital and how customers may prepare in advance for these breaches. Finally, Phil shares three tips when it comes to using customers’ information for competitive advantage.…

Big data and what can be done with it: Part one

In part one of this three-part series, Jay talks with Phil Rist, executive vice president of Prosper Business Development, about how his company collects big data and utilizes it to detect trends that aid his clients in developing their strategic plans. Phil discusses how his company not only takes data available from the federal government, but how they administer “emotional surveys” to track the feelings of today’s population to build predictive models for future events. Phil and Jay discuss challenges and opportunities for big data in 2016 – how the internet of things (wearable devices, Bluetooth enabled devices, trackable …