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ABA Section of Antitrust Law Spring Meeting 2016: Clarifying liability in hub-and-spoke conspiracies

Last in our series on the ABA Antitrust Section’s 2016 Spring Meeting, but certainly not least, we bring you Jetta’s summary of the panel discussion on hub-and-spoke conspiracies. These conspiracies seem to be in vogue now, with the Apple (e-book) case prominent among them. Not surprisingly, the government and the defense bar sees these cases very differently.

Kudos to our associates for preparing these summaries. We hope you have enjoyed them. Stay tuned for future articles and podcasts.

-Jay Levine

The concept of “hub-and-spoke” conspiracies can be found in cases dating back to at least 1939, most notably, the Supreme …

Part One: Section one of The Sherman Act – Horizontal restraints

Dealing with competitors… do you know the rules?
If your company works collaboratively with competitors, such as exchanging information, agreeing on standards or engaging in a joint venture, you are subject to the parameters of the Sherman Act. In this podcast, Jay Levine provides an overview of the Sherman Act and the types of conduct that Section One of the Sherman Act covers – with a focus on the impact of agreements among competitors, otherwise known as “horizontal restraints.”…